Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Husband ROCKS

So it's Wednesday, and my dear man should be taking it easy on his days off.  Instead he put in a full day today of overtime, with the intentions of doing it again tomorrow.   He's out there busting his butt, putting in extra time, doing whatever he can to make sure the kids have a good Christmas season.  Notice I didn't say good GIFTS... his focus is to make sure their SEASON is good... We start celebrating Dec 1st.  He even saved up his vacation time this year to make sure to be able to take his vacation during the holidays... to spend with the family.

Now I know he THINKS he isn't a good provider... He worries because we aren't rolling in money.  Money gets tight. But seriously.... we're a family of 6.  SIX.  1 teenage boy, 1 pre-teen, and 2 young kids that love to eat.  LOL  Money is *supposed* to be tight.  HOWEVER, this magnificent man of mine works hard so I can stay home and home school our children.  He TOTALLY supports us, on his own, and MY HUSBAND ROCKS.  I <3 him so much!

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