Friday, November 04, 2011

Welcome to the first edition of MY HUSBAND ROCKS!  I've started this blog up to show all you single ladies out there that good men *DO* exist.  I have a wonderful man, that I thank God for daily. 

This week alone I've watched Larry learn how to fix appliances so we wouldn't spend money we didn't have, and wouldn't have to wear dirty clothes.  (Oh and so I wouldn't have to constantly take loads to my mom's!).  He had no clue in the beginning how to do it, but he was willing to learn, and did a wonderful job.  He's a great provider for us!

I've also watched him do unlimited things for me.  From bringing me a freshly laundered (see above!) housecoat when I was cold, to bringing me drinks, rubbing my back at night.  Anything and everything he can to show me he loves me.  I don't deserve that kind of kindness.  He's a wonderful husband to me!

And his kindness doesn't stop with me.  He goes upstairs to read a story to Sky at night as he's getting ready for bed.  All because she's "skerrrred."  We both know she's not really scared.  She just wants those last few minutes with her daddy.  And he's willing, because as he says, "She's only going to be little for a short time.  Before long, it'll be another man's attention she wants."  He's such a wonderful father. 

Yeah... it's easy to say... MY HUSBAND ROCKS!

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