Wednesday, January 04, 2012

DATE #1:  Decisions Decisions

Last night was the first date night with Larry.  I've been pretty secretive about the things I had planned.  For a couple reasons, really.  One, I wanted to build the suspense a little.  Let him look forward to it.  And two, I'm not a real secure person, and I was afraid he'd think my plans were dumb. LOL  Anyhow, I decided this first date should be a "Decisions Decisions" date.  I found the idea on Hot Date Ideas.

I started out by leaving questions for him to answer on his facebook throughout the week.  Things such as "Tell me, tell me.... how do you like it? Wet or Dry?"  Other choices were High/Low.  Long/Short.  Hot/Cold.  Dark/Light.  Soft/Hard.  and Fast/Slow.  On Monday, I sent Larry an invitation.  THe outside says "Life is all about choices"  Inside I wrote "Let's hope you can live with yours.  See you Tuesday night, at bedtime +30min, in our living room.".  (Sorry... I put the invite in his mailbox before I got a picture and now I don't know where it is).  I also made up several pieces of paper with his choice written on one side, and the "consequences" of that choice on the other.  

So Tuesday night rolls around.  He's asked several times throughout the day what we are doing, but I just smiled and didn't answer.  It was nice to see he was looking forward to it as much as I did.  Although, I didn't plan any big huge plans, and was worrying the date would fall flat. I tell the kids they have to go to bed earlier, since it's Daddy's and My date night.  It was neat to see their eyes light up and that they seemed as excited about it as we were.  I'm hoping we are modeling a strong, secure relationship for them.  And that it just continues to be more so as the year goes on. 

I start out by giving him his first choice... wet or dry.  He chose wet.  Which meant he was eligible for a nice long hot soak in the tub if he wanted.  Since he'd just showered (oops), he passed on the option.  So on to choice number 2!  Fast or slow.  He chose slow, which led us to the kitchen to make some of the best brownies ever!!!  And hot/cold led us to make Hot Snowflakes YUM!

check out those HOT Santa shorts. hehehe

The last choice of the night was Long/Short.  I had a list of questions that I wanted to ask him.  The first set was 10 Questions a Wife should Ask her Husband Every Year.  The other set (the Long version) was Questions to ask at the New Year  I was especially worried about this part of the night.  My husband is not the keenest on conversation, so I wasn't sure how this would go over.  But it was actually really good.  We were able to talk in a nice calm environment.  He was open minded and willing to answer any question.  I discovered a few new things.  One thing he did mention was how much he liked me trying to really do for him (acts of service is SOOO his love language!)  It made me realize I've been slacking a bit in my "Putting Him First" project.  I need to focus on that some more!!! 

By the time we finished talking, the brownies were ready, and we pulled out a game of trivia pursuit and scrabble.  A game he can win (trivia) and a game I can win (scrabble).  I decided to start Putting Him First right away and let him play trivia first. ;)  Plus I knew by winning a game he wouldn't be as sore about losing in Scrabble.  LOL  HOWEVER........ I *WON*!!!!  I've NEVER won in trivia before.  Never even come CLOSE.  But I WON!!!  <doing I won dance>  hehehe  The game lasted so long we didn't play scrabble, but that's ok.  It was really a great night!

If you would like to join me in dating your spouse (and I hope you will!), please send me a link to your post.  I'd love to publish your links on my blog!


Jennifer said...

What a great date! I have been wondering all day how it went! So glad that he opened up and talked too. And that would be my luck too. I never win borad games. LOL!

David said...

Too bad about the Wet or Dry? part but it sounds like a successful date night anyway! Thanks for trying out the Decisions Decisions idea, tho you might want to rework the link to avoid confusing your readers (should go here


Jackie said...

Thanks David!! I used both links when I planned my date, and must have just copied the wrong one. LOL I have it all fixed now. :)