Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Date for MILLIONAIRES... with my Boo Bear

So Thursday I had the pleasure of going on ANOTHER date.  I'm starting to feel like such a floozy. ;)  This time I got to date a gorgeous girl!  My daughter and I had a date fit for millionaires. 

On the way, Sky decided that a true millionaire likes to ride in style.   All kicked back and comfortable!  But first she had taken a ton of pictures of clouds, etc.  She did a fabulous job, and it makes this photographer momma's heart proud.  (Please don't base the quality of my skillz based on these date snapshots!  LOL) While kicked back, she decided we needed a bit more entertainment, where she decided to read to me from the Bible.  I love that this is one of her "go to" things to do. 

We started out by going out to eat.  Sky was able to get as much food, and as many desserts as she wanted.  With just a look, she had people running to make sure her drink wasn't empty, to make sure there were no dirty dishes to mar her view.  She seemed to enjoy it well...

Afterward we went to get fancy and have hair cuts.  Unfortunately, unlike our true millionaire status, we had to wait for 3 hours.  Had we known to begin with.... but oh well.  I guess that's just the price of beauty.  The whole time we were there, Sky said she was having a great time.  She read her Bible to other customers, took pictures, etc.  She definitely made the best of her time. LOL

Finally we were beautified, and it was time to do some shopping.  I'm planning an angel series of portraits starring Sky, and so we went looking for outfits to wear for these shots.  We didn't find a whole lot... 1 shirt (that will work as a dress for her), and one shawl type thing.  But we had a ton of fun in the process.  Acting like millionaires, talking like millionaires.  Lots of air kisses, Dahhhlings, and simply FABULOUSes.  Oh and the talk of jewels, gold, etc.  Simply MAVEHLOUS, Dahling.

Trying out the beds in the store

We were even "blessed" by seeing a train on the way home.

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Danielle said...

Your such a good momma!