Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Double Date Day!!!

Yesterday was a double date for me.  Not the kind you typically think of, though.  We didn't go out with another couple.  Instead *I* had a double date... as 2 dates in one day!!!  I'm turning into a girl that gets around, I tell ya! ;)

My first date of the day was with a dreamy guy.  He has these gorgeous brown eyes, big full lips, beautiful smile.  He's sweet, kind, and keeps me laughing all the time.  He's my son, Justus.  :) 

Justus enjoying his cheese dip

I sent him an invite, hinting at the things I had planned.  He figured about half of it out.  We started out by making a pitt stop at Walmart to pick up something for my SECOND date for that day (good thing he's not the jealous sort!).  Made a swing through Goodwill so he could see if anything caught his eye... nothing really did.  Then we headed on over to Santo Coyote.  This is Justus's favorite restaurant.  Mine too, if we're eating Mexican.  If you haven't... you should seriously check it out.  YUM!   They truly have the best cheese dip ever.
Checking out the mosquito net
So after we left the restaurant, Justus was chomping at the bit to know where we were going next.  He figured it was a museum, but couldn't figure out where.  In his invitation it mentioned a Heifer..  Which is how he figured out the museum.  When I scratched my head a bit at that he simply explained that a heifer is a cow, and cows go moo, therefore we must be going to a MOOseum!  Well duh... how could I miss that???  What he didn't realize was the MOOseum we were going to was all about cows!  LOL  It was the Heifer Village, actually.  Heifer Int'l is all about helping poverty stricken areas.  They gift a cow - or goat, or chickens, camels, whatever is needed in an area to a family.  This gives the family milk, cheese, etc to eat.. plus extra to either trade or sale for other things they need.  They also teach the people of the area about agriculture and ways to improve and work their land, etc.  Their goal is to give them something that can sustain them for a lifetime, not just handouts to help them today.  It's such a wonderful organization.  Justus and I both really enjoyed the tour of the green building, along with looking around the village.

Once we left the Heifer village, we (ok *I*) decided to head down to the River Market area.  He's been wanting to walk across the Junction Bridge for quite some time, so that's the first thing we did.  We didn't walk the whole way across the river.  Just over the Little Rock side. ;)  I made him pose for a bunch of pictures while up there tho.  Poor boy. ;)    I kind of wish I had taken him all the way across, but oh well.  Maybe next time. :)  It was interesting to see just how many people ride their bikes across tho!!!

 Afterwards, we walked down and looked at the sculptures in the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden.  Now I'll be honest.  I had no idea this was there.  When I saw it online, I was excited to go.  Once I got there,I must say, I was a bit disappointed in the size of the sculptures.  They are all quite small, with the exception of one.  But we still enjoyed looking at them all, and found them quite interesting.  Justus even got to pick the nose of the resident Indian chief on the walk over to it. 

About the only thing we didn't do that I *tentatively* had planned, was the Nature Center.  I promised him we'd hit that on another day.  I did buy him a strawberry shake on the way home to make up for it. ;)

Once I got home, and the kids went to bed, I broke out my purchases from earlier that day.  I decided that I'd have a "no no" date... one that I don't plan on doing often.  But it wasn't our typical date night, so this was a bonus date anyway (well, and we never had a TRUE date night last week, tho we spent several nights playing games together).  Anyway I bought the movie Courageous for us to watch.  We had never seen it, but had been looking forward to it for quite some time.  I must say this is a terrific movie, and all we had expected it to be!  I love it, and encourage everyone to watch it.  But even better than the movie, was snuggling on the couch with my baby... We enjoyed it so much, when Courageous was over, we put on another movie and just continued to snuggle.  <3  Tonight, my kids are reaping the benifits of date nights.  2 kids are watching Courageous (one on dvd and one on blueray), 1 is watching Fireproof, and 1 is watching Facing the Giants.  I love their taste in movies! :)

Another great week for date nights!!  I hope you are all dating up a storm too.  Trust me... it's so worth it!


Jennifer Bowers said...

Wow! Lots of dating going on over there! :) That is great. And everytime we go to Walmart we have to go to GW! It is across the street from WM and we love thrifting. Yard sales, thrift stores, and GW are our thing! And great pick for a movie. We loved it and the day after we saw it my hubby brought it home. I hope they make another!

Jackie said...

HAHA Our GW is right by walmart too. I love "budget shopping". :D Jennifer have you seen the date night thats online somewhere about going to thrift stores??