Monday, February 06, 2012

How Dating Helps - One month later

I've been posting a lot about my dates.  Dates with my kids as well as with my husband.  But I realized that I haven't really been posting much about the outcome of those dates.    No.. not THAT outcome. ;)  I mean how said dates have been affecting my marriage.

In the past month, Larry and I have begun to spend so much more quality time together.  Now that seems obvious, since we're consciously setting aside one day a week to spend together.  However, we're also spending other times together...  just sitting around at night playing on the computer/watching tv doesn't seem to be nearly as appealing.  It appalls me when I think about how many hours we've been in the same room without ever speaking a word to each other.  That's changing.

Which leads me to our second change.  We are beginning to talk more.  My husband is not much of a communicator.  And I'm easily sucked into the computer or a book...   I'm not saying we talk all the time, of course, and at times I wish I had a list of subjects to talk about (like last night in the car on the way to our date).  There are so many of these lists on the internet.  I plan on printing several out, and keeping them in various places.  The car, the house, my wallet.  LOL  Just to pull out whenever I need one. I'm surprised sometimes at how hard it is to find something to talk about other than kids... and even that topic gets exhausted after a while. :)

Now these are all little things... but ladies all know that it's the little things that make the biggest impact.  (Did you get that guys!??)  Larry has been opening my car door almost 100% of the time lately.  Even if we are just in town, on a run to my parents, or whatever.  It's a little thing, but I notice it.   I don't know if he sees a difference in me or not... I hope so.  LOL

I'm not saying our relationship is perfect.  Far from it.  I don't believe anyone has a perfect relationship, and I'm not striving to have a perfect relationship.  I'm striving for a strong marriage, a loving marriage, a marriage that can endure anything that life throws our way.  And I think we're well on our way.


Jennifer Bowers said...

Very well said! I agree. Just a few dates can make the change and it is the small things. The same is happening over here, and I am loving it!!!

Jackie said...

Jennifer, I'd love to hear how your dates are going! I miss your blog!

Jennifer said...

I just came by to check and see how yall were doing! We had a great V~day date that I didnt post about...a little too personal ;) but here is the new link. We are doing an at home double date this weekend!