Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's spreading!!!

(PHF Day 7.. )  Sorry for not updating yesterday.  It being the weekend, there's only so much I can do with the man.    He's always tired when he gets home, and I've gotten into the habit of making sure his supper is hot and ready for him when he walks in.  I offered several times to let him change the channel on tv, but he left it on Top Chef.  When i would ask if he wanted something, he would always say no.  In fact, I noticed several times him making sure to do things for ME.  This is Larry's love language... the way he shows it, and I believe the best way he "sees" it being shown to him.  That's why I think this project is going to be so successful.   But I also notice he is beginning to touch more.  I was even able to rub his back a bit last night without him going nuts!!!

(PHF Day 8)  I'm dealing with a really bad migraine today.  Luckily I made chili yesterday, so we'll be able to eat that for supper.   I don't know how much I'll do for him, as far as serving him.  But I'm going to focus on making sure all my words are kind, complimentary, and uplifting.  I'll let you know how it goes tonight! :)

I have been working on our date plans.  I've just about got all the at home dates roughly planned out.  I'm having to reign in the over planner in me, and not completely plan out each of those 40 dates.  I am trying to just make the basic outline of what I'm going to do and then plan a month in advance. :)  But I want enough planned that I can start slowly buying things I need... like candles, christmas lights, decorations for our country travels.  I am sooo excited about these dates.  I just hope he loves them and doesn't think they are corny! :D

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