Friday, October 28, 2011

Gettin' Ready to Date

Yesterday I was able to pick up my first of MANY gift cards, etc to give as dates.  I've talked to you some about my plans to enroll my husband in a dating club for Christmas.  Well, I'm planning to do SORT of the same for the kids.  Only Larry and I will be sharing the dating duties with them.  We have 4 kids.. So we'll each date 2 kids per month, and switch each month.  So for Christmas they will get 6 preplanned (and prepaid) gifts from me, and 6 (maybe not AS planned ones) from Larry.

Yesterday while Larry and I were out and about, we went to lunch at Taco Bell.  Seems if you buy a gift card for $20, you get a free value meal.  Well, since I had to buy a card before Christmas anyway... how could I turn down a free meal?? :D  AND I got another brochure in the mail today.  Pretty soon I'll be buying some supplies to put all the brochures, gift cards, etc in and get everything all organized.  I can't wait!

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