Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Started

So I've been debating this idea of starting a personal blog back up.  I always seem to do so well for a little while, then fail.  As you can see by my previous TWO posts on this blog, I don't even always do so well for a little while.  But I'm determined to change that.  I have a driving need to share what I'm thinking, what I'm planning, what I'm doing.  I want people to hear.  I want feedback.  I want to connect to others that understand.  I have several things I'm planning.  Mainly things to make me a better wife.  A better mother.  A better woman of God.

Things I have up my sleeve... 
*Putting my husband first.  Just making sure he knows how important he is in my life.  So I'll bring him something to drink when I'm up.  I'll let him watch the game in peace.  I'll do everything I can for 30 days (to start with) to make sure I put him BEFORE myself.

*Planning a year of dates to give the Larry for Christmas.  One a week, for 52 weeks.  Only one do we leave the house, but plenty of thought and excitement should go into each date.  I am really excited about this and can't wait to share!  

*Dating my children.  I have 4... and they all really need that one on one time with yours truly.  So once a month they get a date out.. with either me or their daddy.  (we'll tag team so we each only have to take 2 a month).  The dates are the important things.. its the time we spend together.  

*Refocusing on losing weight, being healthy. Not just for my looks, but because I'm a much happier person while I'm losing.  And dang it... if you look above, you'll see I'm gonna be doing a LOT of dating in 2012.  I have to look good for that! ;)

*Making time for God.  It seems like a no brainer, but it never is.  I find myself so busy... with kids, with life.. with the computer, and just with being lazy at times, that I don't make time for God.  It's time to change that.  

Those are just  a few things.  I'll begin by posting with my Putting him First experiment.  Can I overcome my selfish wants and desires and just ALWAYS put him first?  Can you?  Feel free to join me!

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