Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beginning To Put Him First

(Putting Him First (hereafter known as PHF) Day 1) Yesterday was my first day of trying out this whole "put him first" idea.  I first heard of the concept through the Dating Diva's website.   Now let me just put a plug in for these girls.  It's an AWESOME place to get ideas for your dates with your husband, for keeping your marriage strong.  They make it all look fun, but we know it's a ton of work, and I for one appreciate them doing what they can to help!

So anyway, the Diva's are giving away a book called The 100 Day Promise.  It's from a man who takes a challenge to put his wife first in all things for 100 days.  From what I understand, this book is basically his journal through that 100 days. I haven't read the book yet.  But I'm intrigued by the concept.  And I wanted to take on this challenge without any preformed thoughts or ideas.  I think I'll read the book at the END of my own experiment.. maybe to compare our journeys.  

Now that all sounds fine and dandy doesn't it??  I hear you thinking that this should be an EASY challenge.  Snickering at my use of the word CHALLENGE.  But let me just be real for a minute.  I'm human.  Which means I'm selfish.  I tend to try and be lazy whenever I can, and believe it or not, I don't have the perfect wife's heart.  You may be a superhuman superspouse.  And if you are PLEASE mentor me! :) Because I am not (shocking as that may be!), and this will be a challenge for me.

Yesterday was day number 1 in my Putting Him First challenge.  I know you are dying to know if I passed or failed, aren't you.  Well here's my day:

Get up and get him lunch for work:  FAIL
Have his supper ready when he got home:  PASS!!  YAY!
Make his plate for him:  BOOO  Fail :(
Make him cookies and surprise him with 2 of them:  BOOOYAH!!  Pass!
Volunteer to let him watch the football game:  YUP YUP
Let him fall asleep WHILE WATCHING wrestling without saying ANYTHING and without changing channels (which would have woke him up):  WOW that was a tough one but YEAH BABY!!!
Make his popcorn:... Ummmm I volunteered, does that count???? :/
Make his bed (oh this shows what a bad wife I am):  Yeah it was made before he came to bed!!  YAY ME!

All in all it was a success.  When we went to bed last night, I didn't even expect payment in return. ;)  AND he asked me why I was being so nice to him, then thanked me for being such a good wife.  All without having a clue what's going on. :)

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