Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Traditions

It's finally the Christmas season!  Are you as excited about it as I am??  We look forward to this month for the whole year.  Our tree is up, half of our snowflakes are hung from the ceiling, snowmen and fake snow are up on the windows.  Our living room is transforming into a winter wonderland!  The office (the first room you walk into when you walk into my house) is full of our nativities, the Jesus tree (full of homemade ornaments that represent the names of Jesus), angels, etc.  It's a room that constantly reminds us of the meaning of the season.  Something I know we'll never forget.  It's also the decorations that my kids love the most.  I do plan on buying a snowman nativity if I ever find a good one for the living room.  And one day I want a ton of gingerbread decorations to do up my kitchen.  All in good time!  My decorations are far from classy... they are handmade, oftentimes kiddish, and oh so very special to me.  It's a good thing I'm not the classy type. :D

I've been dvr'ing Christmas shows like a mad woman to watch with the kids.  What's your favorite?    I think Polar Express tops my list.... I just love it.  I've dvr'ed so many this year that I think everyday I'll be able to watch a Christmas movie with the kids.  We usually just do 1 night a week and watch a couple.  This will be more fun.  Most of these we haven't seen.  Who knows, maybe we'll find a new favorite!

The kids have written another play this year.  It's really good.  They have a lot of work ahead of them... including learning a couple human videos that go in it.  Or one human video and one guitar solo.  I'm not sure yet how they will plan it.  They so enjoy performing it for our family.  We rent an elementary school, and they have the stage to perform on.  Since we homeschool, it's really their one time to shine.

We have so many traditions. My plan is to take pictures of the things we do as we do them... post them on here.  But I'd love to hear your traditions during Christmas.  What do you do to make the holidays special?

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