Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting worried....

Uh oh.  I'm starting to second guess myself and these date ideas.  Not that I'm second guessing DOING them.  But as I was browsing online for ideas, someone mentioned that they stopped dating because her expectations of perfection were too high.

OOoooh that kinda hits home.  Am I too ambitious??  Am I expecting too much out of our dates?  Am I adding so much stress on myself to get things perfect, that I'll not enjoy the dates?  It's a good thing to keep in mind as I make these plans.  I have to remember I am doing 1 date a WEEK... that's not a lot of time to bring together the fancy stuff.  My *PLAN* is to have all the stuff for dates a couple months in advance.  SO then I can just go to the date box for the supplies I need for said date.  But we know how plans go, don't we????

I just hope I'm not being overly ambitious.  I want these to be a great time to connect with my husband, to add an extra spark to our marriage, to just spend time with him.  Perfection isn't needed.  I just need to remember that.

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Jackie said...

Just came across this at Good thing to remember, and goes perfectly with today's post:

Before our weekly home dates, I used to feel like every date night had to be planned to perfection. Creative. Romantic. But now, instead of the only occasional and hopeless quest for romantic dating perfection, which would inevitably end up in disaster, we get a sweet and simple weekly reminder of why we decided we liked each other in the first place. The focus adjusts from perfection to what actually matters: spending time with the person you love most.