Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm all fuzzy inside.. and outside!

Let me just reiterate... My husband ROCKS!!!!

He gets off a little early today from work.  And what does he do.. he VOLUNTEERS to go to Walmart on the way home.  Pick up some foodstuffs for the coming few days.  I didn't have to ask.  I didn't have to remind.  In fact, he even offered to pick up something for lunch, AND cook supper so I didn't have to.  Seriously.. who could ask for more??

I couldn't ask for more, but let me tell you.. he delivered more.  He came home with a super special surprise for me.  I have this soft fuzzy flannel fetish... I like fuzzy blankets, fuzzy clothes.  But they have to be super super soft.  My man, not only goes to walmart, but ALSO ventures into the women's clothes section and found me some of the softest, fuzziest jammy bottoms he could find.  And not only that, but they are CUTE.  They are black with little snowflakes all over them.

You're jealous, aren't you?  You should be.. Because let's face it.  My man ROCKS!

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