Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lover's Journal

Hey everyone!!  I'm finally getting around to getting pictures of my journal I made up.  On the inside front cover, I'm going to write something like...

This little book has a purpose for you, 
Its use should be shared between two. 
Simply write a love letter, a poem, or note 
To the one you adore, love, and often dote. 
Then, "mail" this book for your sweetheart to find 
And wait for a reply that will tickle your mind. 
Remember, be creative and have fun 
You have only your spouse's heart to be won.

Here's a pic.  Let me know what you think!   The middle will either have a pretty graphic, or a picture of us... but since we don't really HAVE any pictures of us... I'm thinking a graphic. LOL


mrs.fleming2011 said...

That is so cute...I think he will def love it :)

Jackie said...

Thanks so much!! I hope you are right :)