Friday, November 11, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA

I have been out if the house the last couple days... I woke up yesterday very.... Emotional is the best and definitely nicest way to put it. It didn't take long for my sweet husband to instruct me to get dressed, that we were getting out of the house sans kids. I'll be honest and tell you I really did not want to. But I'm glad he made me. I won't say it was the most enjoyable trip, but we got out...just the two of us.

We went out to eat at who Dats,a Cajun place a couple towns over. I can't give the food rave reviews... In fact, I think the only thing worse than the food was the music. Lol. Nothing like a sing that repeats the lyrics "Don't mess with me and I won't mess with you". Of course the next catchy song was

Don't mess with my bush
Il, kick you in the tush
If you try to grab my rose
Ill punch you in the nose.

Now that may not be *Exactly* right, but it's pretty close. I think Larry realized I wasnt really in the mood to try and figure out what was going on, so our conversation was very light hearted. And when things stalled out, we just made fun of the music!

One thing I've learned is my husband is a fixer. If I'm moody or emotional or whatever, he places the blame on himself. And he either wants to fix it, or he internalized it and feels I'm not happy with him.

Another thing I've noticed... Anytime we go out or anything....he always holds my hand. At least in the van. And he's starting to open the door for me all the time. Progress!!

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