Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Still trying to Put Him First

Let me preface this post by saying I don't want these posts to appear to be "airing my dirty laundry".  In fact, I want this to be more of an account on the way this changes *me* as a wife.. not him as a husband.  Which is why I'm not telling him nor am I wanting him to get on board and participate.  HOWEVER, I do want this to be an accurate description.  If I left out all the negative parts, well, I wouldn't be able to see a difference down the line would I??

I'm still trying to put my husband first in everything.  It works sometimes, and sometimes I just get lazy.  I do find that I'm doing little things easier for him.  Is he as vocally appreciative about it as he was in the beginning?  No.  But I'm sure he's just as appreciative now.  I have found he is almost trying to "outdo" me on the serving part of it.  It's almost a race at times to see who can do for the other first.   Now isn't that a bad thing to have in marriage??? ~grin~

I'm still working on my mouth.  I find that's a lot harder for me.  I tend to pop off too much, and it's always directed at my poor husband.  Because he's safe.  I know he'll still love me at the end of the day.  But I'm working on it.  It's funny, because when he is at work, we are constantly texting each other (on his breaks of course).  Telling each other how awesome the other is, flirting, etc.  But we don't do it nearly as often from our own mouths.  What is it that stops that?  Is it just because when he's home we're around each other all the time, and take it for granted?  Or when he's at work, we know we just have a few minutes, and distance truly does make the heart grow fonder???  I don't know.. but it's something I plan to work on!

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