Saturday, December 03, 2011

Cuttin' tomatoes

So my husband had to stay home from work today.  He's got a cold and since we have plans this week, he REALLY needs to get well.  I can tell he's really feeling poorly tho, poor guy.  To make it even worse, he has a nasty staff infection on his finger.  It has his whole hand swollen and red.  Looks like a trip to the doctor may be in his near future.  Poor guy I hate when he's sick!

Today I've been busy making green tomato jelly, dicing up onions to freeze up, making bbq for the freezer, along with taking the kids to the Christmas parade, reading Jotham's journey (we were only behind a week.  I've almost caught us up!), etc.  My precious husband has been there helping through it all.  He was willing to cut tomatoes, cut onions, or do whatever I needed him to.  Tonight I was feeling bad because there are still so many tomatoes left to puree.  So I decided to go work on some for a while.  I told him not to help, to just rest.  But do you think he would let me do them alone?  Of course not.  Within minutes, he was in there helping me.  Just another reason that MY HUSBAND ROCKS!

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