Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We are super busy here in the Holloway Household.  Christmas is right around the corner and al the elves are busy making merry.  I LOVE this time of year.  But I'm wondering who is going to join me in the new year?  Are you planning 52 dates for your spouse?  Or even 26, or 12?  I can't wait to meet up with everyone joining in!

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Danielle said...

This is so crazy! I found your blog like maybe a week ago? But I have the same gift for my hubby! Really, I'm not kidding, 52 dates in a year!! We are so like minded! I love that you do dates for your kiddos too! I have recently established "family dates" cuz my daughter who is four gets excited and jealous when she sees me planning them. She wants to be a part of them-and thus the family dates began. Ninety percent of our dates are at home, but they have been lots of fun! So happy I found your blog! Using your questions/decisions date for one of mine how fun!! Check my blog out for ideas! They are pretty corny I am warning you ;-).