Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Date #2:  The SPA

So Tuesday rolls around, and my husband has a day date with Caden.  This gave me a perfect chance to clean up our bedroom and transform in "La Spa Jacquee".  LOL  Oh man oh man was my room a DISASTER.  It took me practically all day to get it where I wanted it to be.  I had nice red sheets on the bed (no blankets).  I put nice black material on the end tables (that I completely cleaned off).  Tons of candles all over the place.  On the end table I set up lotions, a hand towel, a nice little "spa" sign.  Something like this (ignore my ugly bedroom... one of these days I'll do a makeover!). 
Bed and nightstand
Nightstand without the lotions involved
On our chest at the foot of the bed, my daughter spelled out love in candles. :)

Once the bedroom was all ready I posted signs on our bedroom doors saying "You have been BANNED from this room.  By order of the Date Master"  Just to insure he didn't see the room before it was time. :)  So Larry gets home bringing the most beautiful roses for our date.

Once the kids went to bed, I had him sit in the "waiting room" and complete a quiz on the Love Languages.  (the modern day version of a magazine!)  I *meant* to get out our foot spa thingy to do his feet while taking the quiz, but I forgot.  Oops.  While he was doing the quiz, however, I started a bubble bath (with skin softener) for him and put a towel and his robe going in the dryer.  Once his quiz was finiished, I escorted him to the bath, presented him with a glass of beer (we didn't have anyy wine in the house), and let him relax while I set the bedroom up.  I lit all the candles, made sure the room was warm with a little electric heater, and set up a wine glass with fruit set up in it.

When all was ready I presented him with a nice warm towel from the dryer, then his cozy warm robe.  I then escorted him to the bedroom, where he was in AWE that the room was not only cozy and romantic, but also CLEAN. ;)  He lays on the bed, and  becomes super tense.  LOL  My husband is not great at touch.  Being touched makes him extremely jumpy.  So I knew this date would be tough on him.  But as a person whose love language is touch, it's important for me to be able to touch him.  LOL  So I promised him I would stop anytime he wanted me to.  Or at least change things up if he was uncomfortable.  Him conversing with me was SOO important.  I used tips from Rubs and Touches.  I actually organized them from head to foot with him laying on his back, then back up with him laying on his stomach.  He actually found several methods he liked, as long as I didn't touch him quickly without him expecting it.  HAHA
I didn't get a massage in return, but I was happy with what I did get. :wink:

All in all it was a wonderful date.  Next week, we get to go OUT!!!


Heather Rae said...

Okay, those roses are GORGEOUS!!!!

Jackie said...

They are gorgeous!!! He's such a sweetie.

Danielle said...

Love it! The hubby and I did a spa night too-and I got a five minute massage after his half hour one. ;-). That's love! But at least I got a massage ;-). Im sure your hubby appreciated it! He is a lucky guy! Your fruit cocktail looked out of this world!!