Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 2... Harder already??

(PHF Day 2) So I didn't do nearly as well today putting him first.  But some of it truly wasn't my fault!!!  I mean... not *really*.  I guess if I had made sure to be prepared for supper, he wouldn't have had to stop on the way home after working 12 hours.  That was my biggest failure for sure.  It was the ONE thing I was DETERMINED not to do... ask him to run by the store.  And I did... on day 2.  But otherwise... I did ok.

  • Got up to make his lunch... umm yeah no.  Fail.  (plus he'd have a heart attack and never make it to work.  Baby steps people!)
  • Had supper ready when he got home.  Umm... sorta.  He had to bring home instant rice, but it was ready within 10 minutes of him getting home.  I even made a salad because he mentioned maybe wanting one.  PASS!
  • Made his plate.  Darn it all.. another fail.  He made it while I was making the kids.
  • Gave up the computer while he was watching tv.. because he mentioned maybe wanting to get on the computer.  MAJOR Pass!!!
  • Made his popcorn... fail... But in my defense.. I offered!
  • Got out of the tub early in case one of us needed to go pick up the kids tonight.  I didn't want it to have to be him.  PASS!
So all in all, I have more passes than failures.  YAY ME!!!  He asked again tonight why I was being so nice to him.  I just acted innocent.  "Whatever do you mean???"  (said in my best southern belle drawl).  Looking back I should just have told him it's because I love him.  But he'll figure it out. ;)  It's late.. and time to go snuggle with my man.

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